PVRP Live: Best EDM of 2022 (House, Trap, & Bass)

PVRP Music’s Electronic Music Countdown of 2022; EDM mix podcast, bass, dubstep, techno, and house! Tune in live on pvrpmusic.com (Twitch, YouTube, Mixcloud) for the premiere. We have now launched a new segment of our show where we will be featuring dance music DJ’s and producers with a guest DJ mix.

PVRP Ghost’s EDM mix features tracks from Sofi Tucker, Griz, Big Gigantic and more electronic music! #Discover PVRP Music Live: Best EDM of 2022! Enjoy! @pvrpghost | @pvrpmusic


Live Broadcast on vQ621M0 | Spreaker: PVRP Live Podcast

| Twitch: PVRP Live Stream

Leave us a shoutout here to be played on air!

Guest Mix Bio:

Gawtbass is one of the original trap producers in the dance music space. In 2014-15, he gained #1 position on the charts in #EDM Trap music all around the web still quite a new thing back then, and was an integral part of a musical revolution as the genre began to grow.






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