Watts On The Weekend – Executive Producer

Watts On The Weekend - Executive Producer

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WHIP – Watts On The Weekend – Producer

WHIP is one of the original 15 college radio stations to be on iHearRadio.

Temple University’s student run radio station, WHIP, is one of the original 15 college radio stations to be on iHearRadio and ranked in the Top 20 by MTVU.

Executive Producer for Watts On The Weekend an EDM radio show on WHIP.
Created & designed the website: http://wattsontheweekend.wordpress.com
Scouted & Booked DJ’s to feature on the show
Maintained social media pages
Created promotional materials (audio, & graphic) – found on website
Established partnerships with local venues and promoters
Grew the show by nearly 4X

WOTW Awarded Best Production on WHIP: May 2014
First station to spin Milk N Cookie’s remix of ‘Vamos A La Playa’

Guest DJ’s Included:
Savant (with in-studio interview)
Milk N Cookies
Vaux & Rivera + Many More

Parnerships Included:
The Electric Factory
Actual Records
East Side Entertainment | District N9NE
Lit Ultrabar

Website: WattsOnTheWeekend.com

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Designed & Created the Official Watts On The Weekend Website


Concert Recap Video:


Radio Promos:

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