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PVRP Music: Gawtbass Mix (Trap, EDM, House) PVRP Music Live

PVRP Music Live: Gawtbass; EDM mix podcast, bass, dubstep, techno, and house! Tune in on NYE Dec 31st @ 4pm est for our second guest DJ, trap producer, Gawtbass, on pvrpmusic.com!PVRP Ghost’s EDM mix features tracks from Griz, Lane 8 and more electronic music! #Discover PVRP Music Live:2020 Finale! Enjoy! PVRP GHOST | PVRP Music#EDM #HouseMusic #Techno #BassSource:https://www.pvrpmusic.comFull Episode & More Info: https://blog.pvrpmusic.com/pvrp-live-gawtbass/// CHAPTERS ///0:00 Louis The Child, Party Favor, Drew Love Free (with Drew Love) – Party Favor Remix,2:00 LSDREAM ACE OF CUPS,4:00 M3NACE MAKE IT SHAKE,6:00 Alina Baraz, Khalid, Sofi Tukker Off the Grid (feat. Khalid) – Sofi Tukker Remix,8:00 John Summit Deep End,9:00 SAINt JHN, Imanbek Roses – Imanbek Remix,10:00 Friction, Kanine Your Love,11:00 ricky retro Good Times,12:00 Sweet Mix Kids, MAYA, Rei Get Serious,14:00 Party Pupils, MAX, Ashe Love Me For The Weekend (with Ashe),15:00 Gawtbass Guest Mix15:00 What So Not High You Are (Branchez Remix),17:00 Mollylujah Jitta On The Track (WATAPACHI Remix),19:00 Gawtbass Phenom,21:00 Gawtbass MVP,23:00 Gawtbass Playboy,25:00:00 Gawtbass & DZI Beats Desert Anthem,27:00:00 Gawtbass Anthem,29:00:00 Gawtbass Sneaky,31:00:00 Gawtbass Some Of Dat ft. SoLo,33:00:00 Gawtbass Illidari,35:00:00 4EU3 & DMNDZ Boss Anthem,36:00:00 Tincup Cookies (Gawtbass Remix),36:00:00 Collin McLoughlin One Desire,38:00:00 SWVZY Flex,39:00:00 Gawtbass & Syris Chea,40:00:00 Mounties Headphones (Sleepy Tom Remix),41:00:00 Skrillex, 12th Planet and Kill The Noise Right On Time (Alex Young Remix),42:00:00 Dan Farber Fresh Off The Grill,42:50:00 Gawtbass My Favorite,43:00:00 COBRAH U KNOW ME,
  1. PVRP Music: Gawtbass Mix (Trap, EDM, House)
  2. PVRP Music: Spring 2020 Groove (House, Techno, Bass)
  3. PVRP Music: Best EDM of 2019 (House, Techno, Bass)
  4. PVRP Music: Fall 2019 (House, Techno, EDM)
  5. PVRP Music: Ibiza Summer 2019 (EDM & House)

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