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Music Marketing Trends: February 2020

PVRP Music Agency is bringing you the latest music marketing trends. New platforms and algorithm changes are happening all the time and we’re taking the time to fully grasp the technological changes. Continue reading for artist marketing guides, templates, and the hottest music tech startups of 2020.

1) WMG IPO: All You Need to Know

The ‘surprise’ IPO announcement from Warner Music Group is already sending ripples through the music industry eco-system. Top MIDiA analyst Mark Mulligan puts it all into context. [Continue Reading

2) What We Can Learn From Amazon’s Email Template

Although the eblast is certainly a powerful tool, many artists and labels grapple with the difficult challenge of how to best format these emails for maximum engagement. Here, we look. [Continue Reading]  

3) Should Artists Promote Their Music On TikTok?

While music is certainly an integral part of keeping TikTok users entertained on the platform, whether or not artists should be sinking a lot of energy and money into promoting. [Continue Reading]

4) Spotify To Expand Paid Artists Services, But Can Most Musicians Afford Them?

Spotify is pleased with the early adoption of its first paid artist marketing tool Marquee and will soon add more paid services, the streamer shared in an earnings call Wednesday. [Continue Reading]

5) YouTube Reports $15 Billion In Revenue, CEO Wants More – Where’s Ours?

YouTube’s annual revenue exceeded $15 billion in 2019. Even so, the CEO suggests there’s significantly more room for growth, leading some to question where their piece of the pie. [Continue Reading]

6) Amber Horsburgh On Artist Marketing That Works

In this interview, industry expert Amber Horburgh walks us through the importance of developing a holistic marketing plan that your team is capable of not only creating, but also executing. [Continue Reading]

7) Guide To Creating An Effective Roadmap For Your Music Goals

As a serious band or artist looking to grow your listener base and sell tickets to your shows, setting goals and creating a strategy is essential. Here we break down. [Continue Reading]

8) Meet The 10 Hot Music Tech Startups Chosen For Techstar 2020

Music/tech accelerator Techstars Music has announced its latest class of startups who’ll be part of its 13-week program this spring. Bob Moczydlowsky, formerly Head of Music at Twitter, and his Techstars Music. [Continue Reading]

9) Streaming Company LiveXLive Acquires Spring Awakening Owner

It has been announced that LiveXLive, a global digital media company focused on live entertainment, has acquired React for $2 million. The streaming company will now own Spring Awakening, Sunset Music Festival, as well as more than 250 club and venue shows per year. [Continue Reading]


10) Soundcloud Secures $75M Investment From Pandora Owner Siriusxm

SoundCloud has just announced that it has secured $75 million investment from SiriusXM – which, remember, acquired another leading music streaming platform, Pandora, last year in a $3.5bn all-stock transaction. [Continue Reading]



Source: hypebot.com; musicbusinessworldwide.com; edmtunes.com



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