PVRP Music Fall 2019

PVRP Live: Fall 2019 (House, Techno, & Bass)

Get in the spirit this season, be you, listen to what you want; bass, dubstep, techno, and house! This EDM mix podcast episode features tracks from Ganja White Night, Richie Hawtin, GRIZ and more! #Discover PVRP Music Live: Fall 2019! Enjoy! @pvrpghost | @pvrpmusic

 Live Broadcast on vQ621M0 | Spreaker: PVRP Live Podcast


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NEW MUSIC: Posthumous new Avicii album, TIM, is out now
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Avicii Photo Men’s Tshirt – White. Available in multiple versions on shop.pvrpmusic.com



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Halloween 2019

Guest DJ or Submit Music Here

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